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We have some exciting news! We are building a large pavilion on the property adjacent to our clubhouse. This will allow us to hold 99% of our events, such as tournaments, socials and happy hours, right here, “at home”!

Having our own convenient venue to host these events will reduce some of our expenses. Our hope is to be in a better position to donate more funds to the local charities that we support.

Our goal is to raise a total of $125,000 so that we can adequately construct our pavilion, complete with amenities such as an outdoor kitchen, built-in-bar, restrooms, and storage area.

We currently have a total $28,700 in our Building Fund that will be allocated for the pavilion build-out, which includes member donations received to-date. In addition to that, two members of our Executive Board (Charlie Conigliaro & Mark Palazzo), have pledged $5,000 each. That brings our current balance to $38,700!

This pavilion be our social hub, to be enjoyed by all! We look forward to hosting as many gatherings as we possibly can, in a comfortable and welcoming setting.

Please contact the office with your donation or pledge.

(772) 286-9373